Yon Smif

The repair guy.



  • Been working on robots since I was a kid.
  • Military brat.
  • Curious to see what’s out there.
  • Hates routine work.
  • Still waters run deep.
  • Knows what it means to kill a man.


skill level
Repair 5
Engineering (space) 4
Survival 4
Stamina 3
Navigation (space) 3
Alertness 3
Brokerage 2
Energy Weapons 2
Vehicle 2
Medical 1
Pilot (space) 1
Resolve 1
Agility 1
Demolitions 1


  1. (have a thing) T3 Govannon multi-tool: vice grips, rotary motor, arc welder, and more in a highly compact design.
  2. (military-grade) Alertness
  3. wait for phase 4, 5; open to suggestions

stress tracks

health Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
composure Ο Ο Ο Ο
wealth Ο Ο Ο

growing up.

I was born on Delta Pavonis Five 40 years ago. My mother worked as a financial clerk and my father held a job doing infrastructure engineering. Politically, both were nominally Defenders. I grew up middle class because of military subsidized housing, but we didn’t have any fancy material possessions. When I was 13 years old, my father brought home a surplus sanitation robot for me to tinker with.

starting out.

The Defender’s single-big-ship plan is idiotic. The Admirers have some good ideas, but their philosophy is nuts. I did not want to waste my life to the daily grind like my parents did. I wanted to explore the cosmos, so I joined the Preservationists’ Pioneer Corps.

moment of crisis.

I was on board a pre-colonization ship. Our mission was to create a beachhead on a moon (Kamatis) orbiting DP10. After touchdown, we were boarded by pirates. They took everything, including major components of the ship. The pirates left behind captives and a few of their own crew who were unwanted. Everyone was left to die.

Unprocessed toxins from the troposphere on Kamatis entered the ship’s life support and caused mass psychosis to those onboard. A nightmare scenario unfolded as we all experienced hallucinations, paranoia, and violent outbursts. A military ship eventually rescued us but not before half of us had died at the hands of each other.

Player-to-my-right was a fellow member of the crew or one of the captives or one of the abandoned pirates. He witnessed/participated in/tried to prevent the murder I committed while in an uncontrollable rage. It still haunts me.

Yon Smif

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