Dr. Mays (Robotic)

Mr. Money bags Dr....



Been working on robots since I was a kid.
Military brat.
Curious to see what’s out there.
Hates routine work.
Still waters run deep.
Knows what it means to kill a man.


Level 5 – Assests
Level 4 – Brokerage
Level 4 – Medical Dr ( Specialist )
Level 3 – Bureaucracy
Level 3 – Profession: ROV Drones
Level 3 – Science – Robotics
Level 2 – Engineering (Space)
Level 2 – Repair
Level 2 – Slug Thrower (CMBT)
Level 2 – Science: Manfacturing
Level 1 – Computer (space)
Level 1 – Science – Cybernetics
Level 1 – Science – Pharmaceuticals
Level 1 – EVA
Level 1 – Streetwise


wait for phase 4, 5; open to suggestions
stress tracks

health Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο
composure Ο Ο Ο Ο
wealth Ο Ο Ο


growing up.

I was born on Delta Pavonis Five 40 years ago. My mother worked as a Military Doctor and my father was a military contractor. Politically, both were nominally Defenders. Went to the finest financing school in the early years and did very well, developed a love for robots, drone and autonomous things. My childhood toys were start up companies (IBOT, Drone shipyard & C5 milsystems), some still continue to grow and fuel my large war chest

starting out.

8 years before I joined the service as a medical doctor I was given a boost by going to the finest medical school and being able to pledge the the service 3/4th the way. Took different stations and helped developed the Robotic heavy division (RHD) as well as software, drones and publications for said materials.

moment of crisis.

On a moon (Kamatis) orbiting DP10. S.F. ERHD OP/LP ST#670324 intercepted message traffic in a unexplored area. Defensors were trying to keep pirates are bay but is was so hard with everyone slapping sheets of metal together before flight restriction came to pass but it was still too late. Thousand maybe million traveled now…

A legal registered Colony ship was being boarded by pirates. They took everything, including major components of the ship. The pirates left behind captives and a few of their own crew who were unwanted. Everyone was left to die. As this was common practice in this area.

Unprocessed toxins from the troposphere on Kamatis entered the ship’s life support and caused mass psychosis to those onboard as reported by the Rescue Salvage- Medical Drone reported. Recon commo drone failed to received on any hailing frequency an answer. Fast Corvette " La Vientiane " was still 37 hours away before a board party could be assembled. SF ERHD was tasked to assit in recovery of lawful citizens.

A nightmare scenario unfolded as all occupants experienced hallucinations, paranoia, and violent outbursts. Various VBSS ( Vessel Boarding Search & Seizure ) drones were used to “breach” the hull and lower the oxygen levels to 14-21%, rendering all occupants unconscious.

A military ship eventually rescued us but not before half of us had died at the hands of each other.

{{ Atrocities witness remotely via the various drones }}

Player-to-my-right was a fellow member of the crew or one of the captives or one of the abandoned pirates. He witnessed/participated in/tried to prevent the murder I committed while in an uncontrollable rage. It still haunts me.


Dr. Mays (Robotic)

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